Vicente Guerrero to Catavina (257km)


Leaving the town we rejoined the trail. After some rocky passages and a good detour to avoid polytunnels we quickly found ourselves riding on a wide and compact stretch of dirt with no bumps whatsoever. We made ground quickly but due to a late start and some errands in Vicente we chose to camp not long after starting before San Quintin.

Close to dusk the remaining light, and then the sunset, made for some beautiful pictures.

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Tecate to Vicente Guerrero- Hard Start on Dirt (398km)

From Tecate to the end point of the first section, Ojos Negros it took us 3 days.


The first day on the dirt (although a good portion of the time riding was spent getting out of Tecate on the pavement, and we left late too) was quite hard as I started to cycle off-road.

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Tecate- Preparing for the Baja Divide


Here is the Baja Divide route we are following. It is going through beautiful stretches of desert and remote areas mainly.


This resupply sheet (Resupply chart for Baja Divide_V1.4) we found on the Baja Divide website ( helps us keeping track of distances and how much food and water we need at any time on the trail. Not shown here, there are also more detailed notes for each section to which to refer to, to know what to expect in terms of route conditions. Continue reading “Tecate- Preparing for the Baja Divide”