San Ignacio to Mulege- A long pause


Arriving in San Ignacio we go in the restaurant “Rice and beans” who doesn’t offer rice and beans as such on their menu but only as an accompagnement for a lot of meat dishes as usual… Ian orders some off-menu though.

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Bahia de Los Angeles to San Ignacio (327km)

Leaving Bahia after a camp in a bush near the town (closer than the previous camp) we get resupplies in town for a four days ride again as we are not sure what to expect ahead in terms of road conditions and we might pass some resupply points on the first of January when everything is closed. In front of the supermarket we meet Lupita, Gabino’s wife (Our San Quintin Warmshowers host)! She is doing a three days walk from coast to coast, from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez, with some friends.

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